Monday, January 15, 2007

Scary Curriculums Home and Abroad.

The indoctrination of hate starts early in the Islamic World. This boy bloodies himself for Imam Hussein, grandson of Muhammad. There are other very disturbing pictures of jihad kids (some graphic) on the link.

Here's a situation that plays out everyday in a typical al Qaeda home.

Hassan come here.
Yes mom
What is this?
What is what?
This report card?
What, I am trying my best.
You got a C in Bush bashing. What is wrong with you?
I could not understand that woman's accent.
Your dad did not kill himself so you can just fool around.
I know, he killed himself for 72 virgins.
Go to your room!
No women, you go to your room!
(As she goes to her room) You are so not ready for this world, Hassan.

Islamic Elementary - REPORT CARD

C --- Jew Hating (Abdul-Alim Aziz)
C --- Christian Hating (Abdul-Azim Muhammed)
B --- Terrorism (Akram Hussein)
D --- Martyrdom (Baha Bishr)
B --- Arabic (Hajjaj Hakeem)
B --- Beginning Quran (Abdul- Hani Ali)
A --- Concubine 101 (via satelite Bill Clinton)
C --- Bush Bashing (via satelite Nancy Pelosi)
C --- Bomb Targeting (via Google Earth)

Islam is teaching hate from cradle to grave.

Meanwhile in the USA

Johnny come here.
Yes mom
What is this?
What is what?
This report card?
What, I am trying my best.
I am so proud of you. Your dad would be so proud of you too if he did not kill himself working night and day to send you to college.
I think about him often.
You are so prepared for the world. Let me be the first to call you graduate.
Ahh mom

University of WhattheF - REPORT CARD

A --- Non-violent Responses to Terrorism (George Lackey - Swathmore College)
A --- Phallologocentrism (Jeffery Tobin - Occidental U)
A --- Queer Musicology (Mitchell Morris - UCLA)
B --- Mail Order Brides (Fanella Canell - Johns Hopkins U)
A --- Marx - Should we give him another chance? (Pavel Machala - Amherst U)
A --- Phys Ed - Dodgeball without balls (Marcel Marceau - Univ of San Francisco)

Parents of conservative kids do not pay for the credits to any of these courses.

Update: 1/25/07
Now you can add Abortion 101 taught at Yale as reported on Michelle Malkin blog.

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Dan said...

I love the irony of that photo. The kid bloodies himself with a "Red Cross" truck parked behind him. Guess those Crusaders are good for something after all...

This whole self-flagellating concept of faith is taken right out of the 1340's, where in an effort to "outsmart" the Black Death that was encompassing Europe, a sect of crazy so-called Christians went about the countryside flagellating themselves. They were revered as the rockstars of their day.

Now, that's the kind of thing I'd expect in the 1340's... but in today's world? Just goes to show how far behind and loony those Muslim's really are.