Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ideology Metamorphosis

After blogging about Cinnamon Stillwell's transformation from Liberal leaning to Conservative leaning, I realized my wife has probably transformed somewhat since we first met.

When I first met my wife, she was a mental health case worker. In those days, she might have considered herself liberal leaning, if she cared enough about politics to label herself (which she did not). At the time, her financial situation was tenuous at best and her job put her into dangerous situations almost daily. She used to travel to very scary neighborhoods and go into some scary homes. Her mission was to get very unstable people to take their meds. God Bless people who do this type of work. During our first year of marraige, I remember getting some very scary calls in the middle of the night from some of the people she helped treat.

Now she's is a stay-at-home country club mother of three. She gave up case work, but she volunteers for Children's hospital and Meals on Wheels.

One would conclude that she still has a kind heart. One would also conclude that life is somewhat less scary. The so called experts showcased in the Psychology Today article would conclude that she should be more liberal.

So, I had her take the World's Smallest Political Quiz. The test rated her as a Conservative - almost a Statist. The difference. She has more to lose now (husband, kids, home, money). Perhaps having more makes you more scared and therefore more conservative. Perhaps living with a guy who insists on maintaining a mini - Reagan Library in our house and flying an American Flag 24/7 has biased her a little? The Statist bent. She still wants the government to protect people down and out.

For the record, I was a Conservative - Libertarian.

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