Monday, January 22, 2007

Partial Birth Abortions Good, Spanking Bad

Does anyone find it curious that a member of the political party that supports partial birth abortions is sponsoring an anti-spanking bill to protect children? I do.

California Assemblywoman Sally J. Lieber (sponsor of the bill), we need laws that protect children from child abuse. No doubt. But this bill amounts to over-legislation. Overall Americans have been raising productive Americans for generations. And generation after generation it has been American parents who decided what's right for their American kids.

I do not spank my conservative kids, but I demand discipline and there are consequences for lack of discipline. Hard labor (weeding) is my favorite consequence. All children need discipline to cope and succeed in this world.


Anonymous said...

Sally Lieber, ironically enough, has no children, but is the proud pet-parent of a cat. And she feels she even remotely has the right to legislate how people should parent? That's incredibly arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Sally needs a good spanking!

Or the yard needs a good weeding.

But it is winter, no weeds;
What cruel punishment can we give her in the winter months, Conservative Dad?

Conservative Dad said...

In the winter, she can weed California of illegals aliens. Then ironically enough, she would probably have to do her own weeding.

Anonymous said...

i got spanked... i learned my lessons from it.

Conservative Dad said...

Thanks for proving my point that parents know what is best for their kids not the government. I am glad you were not aborted.