Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Other Conservative Kids Calling for Fred

1) Blonde Sagacity in Philly calls for Fred.

2) Born Again Redneck calls for Fred.

3) Intellectual Conservative
calls for Fred

4) Volunteer Voters ask the question about Fred

5) My Words blog you are not alone on the Fred front.

6) Provoking the Muse blogs about Thompson / Rice ticket.

7) Rightsided - Thompson seems to be.

8) Novatownhall
- Thompson stands tall.

9) Soft Green Glow - Thinks Fred can beat the flip-flopper, the closet liberal or that other guy who won't win the nomination.

wonders if Fred Thompson is prepping for a presidential run after the field clears. And Again

11) The blogometer is noting the Fred for Prez trend.

12) The Tenneesee Volunteer Dispatch might be showing some bias when they call Fred a Conservative Rock Star.

13) Freedom of Philadelphia is currently leaning to Newt, but could be swayed.

14) Hang Right Politics writes about Fred again and again.

15) Hillbilly White Trash thinks Guiliani would be OK, but is hoping for a true conservative.

16) Comments on The Hotline think Fred should be Rudy's VP. How about the other way around.

17) The American Spectator gives Fred some electronic ink.

18) Paul Bedard whispers about Fred.

19) Shining City Atop a Hill
is looking into Fred's position on Radical Islam and Immigration before he takes the leap.

20) The Influence Peddler linked to a link about Fred, but had no comment. Yet.

21) Reformed Chicks Blabbing is call for all conservative bloggers to vote for Fred on on-line polls.

22) Instapundit is helping spread the good word on Fred.

23) Weekend Pundit posted about Fred on a Saturday in February.

24) The Pine Blog sez Fred for Prez and gave a nod to this list.

25) Lead Us Forward is helping lead the Fred push. They also posted Fred's position on important issues here.

26) The Knoxville Trivia Blog has a question for Fred.

27) The Discerning Texan says quality over quantity in the GOP field. Fred is Quality.

28) OpiniPundit may consider supporting Fred over Mitt if Fred Runs.

29) The World According to Oatney has a long blog about Fred.

30) The AOLelectionblog gives Fred some electronic ink too.

31) Pete Republic likes Fred Thompson or Gingrich

And then there is the Draft Fred Thompson unofficial official website.

I guess Red State Kids is in good company

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sensei said...

Fred Thompson would make a great president and he would have my vote in an instant. He is one of the few honest men ever to set foot in Washington. I do wish everyone would stop comparing him to Ronald Reagan as he is more then capable of standing on his own. I also think he could be a better president then even Reagan was!