Saturday, January 20, 2007

Obama. Madressa Education. Class or No Class?

Conservative Kids need an honest President.

It did not take long for Mrs Clinton to start destroying her political opponent, Barrack Hussein Obama. The day before she announces that she is in. Insight Magazine runs a story "Hillary's team has questions about Obama's Muslim background"

Coincidence, I think not.

So how does this revelation impact conservative kids. Well, hopefully a conservative with some star power will emerge. If not, dare I say, it might be better to deal with the devil we know over the devil we don't. (Please note that was not an endorsement of Mrs. Clinton)

Muslim or not, Obama's lack of honesty is troubling. We need honesty in a president. Which is why we do not need Hillary either. Obama will, of course, blame his clandestine approach regarding his Muslim upbringing on the prejudice of the American populace.

Conservative Dad Prediction: Obama will downplay Muslim upbringing at first. Hillary will turn up the heat. (This is the only way the story will get into the mainstream press). Obama will then play the role of victim and try to convince America they are bad. Americans will accept blame. Some Americans will even vote for him to prove they're politically correct.

His concerns are probably founded. I think America would elect the right woman. I think America would elect the right African American, Asian American or Hispanic American. I do not think that America is ready for a Muslim. Not now during a jihad.

You can call it prejudice. I call it cautious.

Michelle Malkin says let the games begin. Michelle they already have.


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Conservative Dad said...

I guess there is news that the Insight Magazine article is overstating the radical Muslim religious bent of the school Obama went to. But the point of my blog was to point out that Hillary will fight like a rabid dog.

And Obama has been somewhat covert regarding his religious beliefs.