Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Good Side of Genocide

China wants credit for their 1 child per couple policy as a strategy to reduce greenhouse gases (story).

What's next?

Hey lets give the Sudanese government Kyoto credits. According to news reports, at least 400,000 black Africans of Darfur have died from a systematic ethnic cleansing by Arab government-backed militia known as Janjaweed.

Hey lets give Al Qaeda some Kyoto credits for killing Jews and Christians. They are so committed to the unfolding tragedy of global warming that they even kill themselves for the cause. I heard the Mohammad is now giving suicide bombers the choice of 72 virgins or 72 Kyoto credits.

It is all starting to make sense. Democrats are opposed to the war on terrorism, because it is contrary to their global warming objectives.

Lesson for Conservative Kids, you can spin a story any way you want to support wayward thinking.