Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hillary is in to Win, The Race That is not the War

I find it troubling that Hillary is "in to win" the Presidential nomination, but she is not "in to win" the war. At least I don't think she is. Depends on who you talk to and on what day. Anyway.

What's more troubling is that Hillary will spend $107,000,000 to get the nomination in 2007 alone. But she will be on the side of the aisle that stands in the way of the funding that is needed to win this war in IRAQ.

Hillary, Conservative Kids want to win this war on foreign soil now. They do not want to fight this war on our soil with you as President.

Spend what you want to seek power, but be in the war to win.


Conservative Dad's Dad said...

Hilary is in the war. She just doesn't want to fund the Iraqis. How crazy is that?!?!!? I think it is just her way of having it both ways, as usual.

Many congressman are not thinking of winning but are positioning themselves for 2008. Even John Warner, ranking member of the House Services Committee, is straddling. He supports the war but doesn't want to send more troops. What's up with that old duffer?

How do you explain these positions that to Conservative Kids?

Conservative Dad said...

They choose personal power over the protection of our people. It is sad.