Wednesday, January 3, 2007

1969 Hot Song, Hot Water, Hot Damn How Is This Still A Problem?

Hey Teddy, I heard this Elvis song on radio today (listen). Maybe you've heard it before. It was released in 1969. Then again in 1969, you might have been up to your ears in hot water in Chappaquiddick. Anyway, in case you missed it, it was written by Mac Davis and was made popular by the King.

I'll wait to comment until you're finished listening.

Pretty good song huh?

Ted, isn't amazing that this song is as true today as it was in 1969? Maybe sad would have been a better word than amazing. Earth to Blue State Ted Kennedy, your bloated social programs are not working. Never have and never will. And Ted, next time you dine with Jesse, ask him how he sleeps at night, knowing he has done more to perpetuate the problems in inner cities than help.

We need new leadership in these Blue States and Blue Cities. We need to teach the next generation of urban kids differently. They need conservative values for a change. Can I get an amen Bill Cosby


Anonymous said...

Ya got me interested in how to raise good conservative kids.

I'd like to hear more about that. I know I don't want to use the Teddy method in raising my kids.

You do get an Amen on Cosby. His speaking out on teaching kids personal responsibility is outstanding. Of course PR is a dirty term to Jesse and the boys.

How is teaching your kids about finances mentioned in Blog 1 working out with your kids?
Any learning experiences to share??
Is your method teaching PR to your kids? How?

Conservative Dad said...

When I started the allowance program 3 years ago, my kids started off slowly. $3 or $4 is not really that much. But now that they see the money adding up it is inspiring them to save more (Show them thier bank statements and the interest earned)- which means they are spending less. Each has a car fund including my 6 year old girl. She is saving up for a Yellow VW bug the 2016 model year. How many 6 year olds have a long term goals.

My 9 year old put a flyer in every mailbox in our small close knit neighborhood to ask for odd jobs. He did it without telling me. He wanted a new bike.

I used to turn the money spigot on and off indiscriminately. When it was on I was sick about wasting money, when it was off I was sick that my ungrateful kids have no concept of money. I gave my kids more control and it seems to not only help their money management skills, but also their self esteem.