Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pardon for Ramos and Compean is Good PR

Federal officials fanned out across Southern California over the past week in one of the biggest sweeps of its kind, arresting 761 illegal immigrants. Fanned out. Come on. You can't find 761 illegal immigrants on one city block in LA? Why didn't they look in one High School were we all know illegals are getting "free" education?

This PR stunt "biggest sweeps of its kind" is laughable. The timing before the State of the Union Address is dubious.

Do you know what's even more laughable. To get this incredible number of illegals 761 (among What?, 20 million illegals) they had to round up illegals who were already rounded up. Yep, 450 were rounded up in while in jail. Sounds like they rounded up 311 which I guess is not a record and then got one at a time (also not PR worthy) as each illegal got caught committing a crime.

We need comprehensive immigration reform now. We need to lock down the borders. We do not need more strain on Home Land Security by adding the bureaucracy of a temp worker program.

If Congress and our liberal president do pass an amnesty bill, then please least make English the official language and encourage these immigrants to assimilate into our society like my grandparents did.

To get a job and avoid prejudice, my Italian grandmother changed her name from Gaetana to Catherine. She and her husband learned English quickly. And they did not let their kids speak Italian so they would assimilate as fast as possible. They came to the USA for a better life, not to recreate the same impoverished life they had in Italia. So they worked hard to be Americans.

Conservative kids need classmates who do not slow the class down. Conservative kids need classmates who love America.

Also, I was disappointed that President Bush did not pardon Agents Ramos and Compean during the State of the Union Address. Mr. President please pardon these agents who were protecting themselves and our great country.

By the way, Mr. President pardoning these men during the State of the Union would have made for better PR than an over dramatized round up. Please do not do a cowardly plethora of pardons as you walk out the door like Clinton. Don't let these men wait that long.

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