Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pelosi Visits Injured Pigeons in Iraq

Conservative Kids. Please learn from Islamic extremists mistakes. Never bite the hand that feeds you.

This past week, a Sunni bomb hidden in a box of pigeons at an animal market exploded killing all the boxed pigeons and countless other animals. A few people were killed too. Upon hearing about the horrific news, Nancy Pelosi flew over to Baghdad to pay respects to the pigeons.

Then in a surprising turn of events, Pelosi not only made comments in support of Bush's surge plan of 20,000 additional troops, but also called for doubling that number.

The Sunni extremists made a critical mistake pissing off Pelosi's voter base, PETA members.

Although some Federal officials suspect that PETA actually planted the bomb in the animal market to divert attention from the trial of two PETA members accused of killing animals.

Another lesson for Conservative Kids: Sometimes facts are stranger than fiction.

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Tom said...

Or at least a good coincidence...

Good post - chuckled all the way to the comment button!