Tuesday, January 16, 2007

History Lesson for Conservative Kids

Hillary Clinton is no Ronald Reagan

In a recent John Zogby poll, he claims the world would select Reagan to help get the US through this time of terror.

Roosevelt, Kennedy and Lincoln were also listed. But perhaps the president with the best record at fighting Islamic Terrorism was Thomas Jefferson. Yes our founding fathers encountered the evils of radical Islam fought it and won.

This poll also suggests that Hillary is the most Reagan-like candidate.

The liberals hijacked Christmas to make it winter haven holiday. The liberals hijacked the 10 commandments.
The liberals hijacked Washington's birthday and Lincoln's birthday. We now have Presidents Day. Now the liberals are now trying to hijack Reagan and replace him with Hillary. Laughable. Rude.

Reagan was principled - Hilliary follows the wind.

Reagan was lovable - Hillary is an ice queen.

Reagan was engaging and humorous - Hillary is cold and calculating.

I do not think that I need to go on. I can not think of one attribute that is even remotely similar.

Kids, liberals will try to rewrite history, but make no mistake there is absolutely no comparison between Ronald Reagan and Hillary Clinton.

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