Monday, April 2, 2007

Liberals Take Chatter Out of Baseball

What is happening to my world? No Santa in stores. Easter Egg hunts are now called scramble egg hunts. The 10 Commandments are being erased from society. Every kid gets the same grades in school. And now this. No Chatter in baseball.

An ugly incident led to the banning of chatter in Cincinnati. Kids can no longer say batter, batter, batter swing batter, batter, batter in Cincinnati. Don't you dare say, rally, rally the pitcher's name is Sally in the Queen City. For God's sake, don't call a batter a broken ladder. You can't say, hey shortstop I have seen quicker hands on a clock or you throw like Mayor Mark Mallory. (See video)

Don't yell to the catcher, you couldn't catch the bird flu in a Cambodian chicken coop. We don't want little Johnny to take his ball and bat and go home crying.

Don't get me wrong, I am not for mean spirited unsportsmanlike talk. But chatter is a part of baseball. It is a part of life. You can not protect kids from the ugliness of life. Kids need to develop a thick skin. The world is tough. Rules to artificially protect a kids self esteem drive me nuts because the kids only have a high self esteem in a fantasy world. Learning to cope in both good and bad situations is what growing up is all about.

Conservative Kids learn what not to do from bad situations if their parents help them understand the situations they encounter.

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