Friday, April 6, 2007

It's Not a Good Friday to Work in the UK

In the UK, the Grampian branch of the National Health Service (socialized or should I say socialised medicine agency) decided to stop giving Christian workers holidays for Good Friday and Easter. (Story) It was a move of political correctness. They did not want to offend people of other religions.

Did you notice that they do not mind offending Christians. Do you know why they do not mind offending Christians? I'll tell you. Christians do not strap explosives packed with nails and ball bearings to themselves and detonate them in public places.

British Airways recently banned a worker from wearing a Christian cross to work. British Airways can do this because Christians do not hijack and blow up planes.

What do you think would happen if British Airways banned a Muslim from wearing a turban? I will tell you. Willie Walsh CEO of British Airways would go the way of Theo Van Gogh (Film Maker Killed in Islamic Revenge)

Conservative Kids take note. There is a global assault on religious freedom. And the most dangerous evil is cowardly political correctness. Britain is the place were they banned the Three Pigs Story so not to offend. What is happening to England?


Tom said...

Political correctness will destroy this country right along with the rest of the world. That's because in order to be truly PC, you must give up what spine you may have (which is why you will never stand up for anything worth while...)

stein1125 said...

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