Sunday, April 22, 2007

Conservative Kids, Time to Turn in Your Guns?

Guns need to be banned to prevent tragedies like the mass murders at Virginia Tech this week. That’s the opinion of The View and others this week.

I am not a fan of guns. And much to the surprise of you liberals out there who might consider me a right wing conspirator, I do not have a gun or a gun rack. I do not hunt and I do not eat squirrels or possum pie.

Like video games, guns do not a mass murder make. Again mental illness is to be blamed.

The tragedy at VT got the gun control crowd buzzing again. Here is my take in it. We already have fine laws on the books to prevent these events. Virginia Tech is a Gun Free Zone.

Since VT is a gun free zone, Cho Seung-Hui broke the law to commit those heinous crimes. The point. If guns are banned all the good gun carrying citizens will follow the law and turn in their guns. The criminals and the unhinged will not.

Virginia is a conceal and carry state. The College is a Gun Free Zone in that state. So if, a student was packing heat and happened to kill Cho during the shooting spree, he or she would have been a hero and a law breaker.

The system failed those victims on the VT campus. We have background checks before a gun can be purchased. (I agree with tight controls on who can get a gun.) Cho was deemed by the court to be a threat to himself and others. How come this court order did not prevent Cho from purchasing a gun?

Unfortunately, we live in a world of guns. Guns were invented because people are resourceful. If guns completely disappeared from the earth people, would find another way to kill each other. You can not ban hate or mental illness. But what a great world it would be if you could.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jeez, I really love the logic conservatives use to justify gun ownership. Ban guns completely and el fucko Cho wouldn't had gotten ahold of any firearms to begin with.

Should students at Columbine have been armed as well? Oh, good idea. High schoolers packing heat to class to act as a safeguard against gun-toting societal rejects.

There is no real reason for firearms to so present in American society.

BTW, conservatives blow ass as well.