Friday, April 6, 2007

I Still Hate John Kerry

A note to Conservative Kids: Sometimes you can get help from an unlikely ally.

Sen John Kerry went to bat for us baseball lovers to block a TV deal that would have made Major League Baseball broadcasts exclusive to satellite TV.

I am a Yankee fan stuck in Reds country. I watch a lot of baseball (mainly the Yanks). Satellite TV been there done that. It's great until it rains. Guess what I like to do when it rains. Yep, watch TV. I tried MLB.TV to watch games on my laptop, but that was a painful experience. DSL is not quite ready for TV.

The lesson to Conservative Kids is that democracy won the day. It was the uproar of fans that got MLB to listen and to change course. So when there is a wrong to be made right call or email your elected official and be heard. And call and email the company making the decision.

Now back to my regularly scheduled loathing of the anti-American Sen John Kerry and the Red Sox.

Go Yankees.

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Tom said...

I don't hate John - I just don't have any respect for him.