Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fred Thompson Announces Running Mate; Cancer

Fox News interviewed with Fred Thompson today. He announced that he was diagnosed with lymphoma two years ago , but it is in remission. He mentioned that it is the slow growing and non-life threatening kind of lymphoma. (Story)

Fred Thompson is announcing this now to gauge public opinion.

Fred is waiting to hear from us.

We need to let him know that we are not scared of cancer. We are scared of liberalism. We are scared of immigration amnesty. We are petrified of socialized medicine. We are afraid of terrorism.

Fred, Lance Armstrong triumphed many times with cancer. You can too.

Republican Sen. John McCain has battled melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, and Rudy Giuliani has battled prostate cancer. So it should not be an issue.


Tom said...

It's not an issue unless the media considers him a threat to the Liberal Democrat candidates...

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