Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tiki and the Articulation of Jim Crow Laws

In my January 12th post, I stated that Tiki Barber was a role model for conservative kids. I also reported wrongly that Tiki had inked a deal with ESPN / Good Morning America. Seems he just signed a deal with the TODAY show and NBC Football.

Anyway, I was reading my earlier post and I noticed that I called Tiki articulate. At the time of the post, I did not know that it was an insult to call an articulate black person articulate. So, Tiki, please accept my apologies.

Apparently, the issue with using the term articulate when referring to an African American person is that this term, by rule*, can only be used in comparison to other blacks and not to the general population. I guess I missed that chapter in the writer's guide, Strunk and White's Elements of Style.

So when someone like Bush or Biden says that Obama is articulate they are not saying he is articulate compared to other presidential candidates, but by rule, that he is articulate compared to most blacks that they happened to see or hear from their ivory towers. (By the way, Biden is an idiot and Bush is not the most articulate president we have ever had.)

At the risk of being called a racist, I am going to again call Tiki Barber articulate.

At the risk of breaking the only Jim Crow law still on the books, I am going to state for the record, that Tiki is articulate in comparison to all people because in general very few people are articulate. In fact I am going to state that Tiki is a stronger communicator than the white, anti-American and immature Katie Couric. An anchorwomen who is only comfortable interviewing Grover or Elmo.

But to appease the blacks who think that the term articulate can only be used in comparison to others in the same race and not broadly. I am going to state that Tiki is articulate compared to Michael Irvin. Micheal Irvin brings a lot of nothing to a football broadcast. He just spews incoherent, incomprehensible, baffling, undecipherable, unintelligible noise. And I can say that the ex-gun toting drug addict is no role model for conservative kids.

Tiki, I hope that your articulate (damn I said it again, sorry) conservative style will keep left leaning Lauer (nice job Albany Media Bias Blog) honest. I will switch from Fox and Friends to the TODAY show if you do.

The Tiki Barber Fathead poster hanging on my son's wall is a constant reminder of a positive role model for my kid. I hope he grows up to be as articulate, positive and successful as Tiki.

* Rule developed by some hypersensitive black people artciulated beautifully here.


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yes, tiki barber is a great model....hahaha what a fraud. NY hates him. what a complete joke of a person. LMAO.

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You sir are an idiot!