Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Martyr for Liberalism

I was listening to talk radio yesterday. The 2 1/2 minute Fox news capsule at the top of the hour led with the death of Anna Nicole Smith live at the autopsy, then went on to other less important national issues.

The 1 1/2 minute local news capsule followed immediately. They usually talk about a local murder, a fire or how much salt is left in the road salt pile, but on this day they led with the same Anna Nicole Smith story. Same facts.

While heroes are dying in Iraq fighting terror on foreign soil so we do not have to fight terror here, our media dwells on the death of a drug addicted cover girl. What does this tell our kids?

But I know why.

Anna Nicole was the poster child (or pin up girl) for liberalism. She did not want to work too hard so she decided to take money from the rich (bilking billionaire J Howard Marshall). When that did not work she looked in the liberal handbook and went to Plan B, the courts. She even went a far as the supreme court to sue for her bounty. Then of course, no liberal story would be complete without portraying a pole dancing, drug addict as a victim. But when a hero dies in Iraq or Afghanistan you hear a number.

Hello America, this is Katie Couric. There was an American Tragedy today. Anna Nicole Smith our liberal soul sister died a martyr for our cause. Followed by a 20 minute lovefest of pictures and interviews. In other news, number 3,115 died today in Iraq.

The media fuels the fire of Islamic Extremism and Murtha by giving them hope that America is going to quit the fight. Soon American women even the ultra sexy ones like Anna Nicole will be wearing burqas thanks to the media. Maybe then Ted Turner will wake up and rally the troops in defiance of his seditious wife. Or perhaps, Bill Clinton will walk down the hall and knock on his wife's bedroom door in the White House and urge Madam President to do something.

Amy Proctor tells of American success in Iraq not covered in the mainstream press.


Tom said...

Just shows where the news really has their heads (I'll leave the exact location up to your imagination...)

Redbeard said...

Anna Nicole was taking money from the rich?

No, no, that billionaire was taking sex from the poor!

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Despite of all the bad things people are saying about Anna Nicole, she did do alot
with her life.. From topless dancer in Texas to having her own show, being the media starlet..
I didn't know that her history until I saw her timeline here.
I'm impressed. R.I.P Anna Nicole