Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pottymouth in White House in 08?

We all know about Bill Clinton's famous temper.

Hillary might have him topped. Her stone cold image is eloquently illustrated with her verbal tirades. [Hat Tip: Say Anything]

If a conservative said a few of the things Hillary has uttered, they would have been stoned to death by the bias media.
I can only imagine what she must have said when she found out that Obama got all that Hollywood money. But according to the collection of quotes assembed on SayAnything: She might have said the following to Terry McAuliffe: "Those M*ther f*ing backstabbing J#ws. You don't doublecross Hillary and live to talk about it."

Hey, Hillary this might help.

Conservative Kids need a better role model in the White House in '08.

We need Fred Thompson.


salvage said...

"Go f**k yourself."

Vice President Dick Cheney on the Senate Floor.

“F**K Saddam, we’re taking him out.”

President GW Bush in the White House office of National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice

"I will screw him [bin laden] in the ass!"

President GW Bush to Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon

So, spare us the clutching of pearls, adults swear.

I know you're a victim of the GOP spin that the Bush administration is somehow about such human foibles because they worship the correct sky god in the correct manner but they're not. In this regard they are typical and I'm pretty sure Bill as vile a man as he was never talking about screwing terrorists anally.

Probably the only thing he wouldn't have sex with.

Conservative Dad said...

I know adults swear. My fun loving grandmother could talk like a sailor when she got mad. It was in Italian but we got the idea.

What's most distrubing if any or all of those comments are at all accurate - (I know that it is hearsay) is that Hillary has an elitist mean streak.

This might work to her advantage as America wrestles with electing a woman during a war when a tough leader is needed.

Also - you tend to project on to me. I am not at all a fan of the current administration.