Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Conservative Kids Like Green Snow

A major snow storm blanketed my city today. I left work at 3:15 to start my 25 mile commute home. After Three treacherous hours, I arrived at home. I decided to work off some of the frustration and tension of the long drive by shoveling the driveway. I asked my 9 year old son if he wanted to make a few bucks. He jumped at the chance.

While we were working, I asked him a simple question, "What color is the snow today". He turned and gave me a strange look and said, "It's white, today and it's always white."

I said, "Not true, when I was a kid, snow was green."

He said, "Green?, no way dad"

I said, "Well every time it snowed, I would go out and shovel driveways and make money, green money."

"How much?"

I told him that when I had a shovel I used to make about $50 every snow. But when I got a snowblower, I used to make $200 per snow.

"Can we could get a snow blower?"

I told him that I bought the snowblower with the money I made mowing lawns.

"Cool, I am going to buy a snowblower next winter. (He and his 11 year old buddy were recently contracted to cut a neighbors lawn this spring and summer.)

After we finished our driveway, my son teamed up with his neighbor buddy and shoveled three more driveways. They each made $40.

When I put him to bed I asked him if it felt great to earn that much money. He grinned from ear to ear and said, "Dad, I sure hope it snows again tomorrow."


Conservative Dad said...

It did not snow again, but my 9 year old son went out the next day (snow day at school) and found some unshoveled driveways and made an additional $35. He did not have his partner on this day so it took him 3 hours. He made $75 in two days. I was so proud of him and I sent my dad an email to tell him all about it. My dad told me about his youth and how he used to make a lot of money shoveling. I guess my son comes from a long line of shovelers.

Conservative Dad's Dad said...

Yes, Buddy. I remember my snow shoveling days fondly. The snow was surely green! I also remember fondly shoveling our walk with you. And I remember how proud I was of you when you called my office and told me of your idea of using some of your college savings to invest in a lawn mower and later a snow blower. That investment sure paid off!!!

Now we have a new snow shoveler in the family. I am sure proud of that little fella too!

PS-Some of my friends have accused me of shoveling something else over the years but that comment should be used under a different heading.