Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Pelosi Wants An Umpa Lumpa Right Now

I can't believe that the person 3rd in line for the Presidency is whining and crying like a spoiled brat. Nancy, please try to set a better example for America's kids.

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House from the same party that gave us the multi-mansion owning, private jet flying, global warming alarmist, Al Gore, wants an Air Force Plane to fly around in. And not the little plane that former Speaker Dennis Hassert had, she wants a big one. And if she does not get her way, he is going call Mr. Bush a big fat sexist.

After 9/11, a person of this stature needs the protection of a private plane, but she does not need a jumbo jet.

Nancy, I guess you did not learn the lesson that Willie Wonka was trying to make. Bad kids get kicked off the chocolate factory tour for misbehaving. Good pure conservative kids get the prize. I always remind my conservative kids that good things happen to good kids.

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Tom said...

So much for an example of a politician claiming to be "for the little person." If that was truly the case, then each one of us should have our own private jet with pilots, attendants, stewards, cooks, etc...

The more politicians claim that they are for the common citizen, the bigger hypocrite they are.