Sunday, March 11, 2007

What is More Important Stature or Stance?

Seems that there is now quite a bit of interest in Fred Daulton Thompson. From my site meter I can see what the real important issues are. Google's referring search terms can be very telling.

Using this very unscientific data, I have determined that Fred's stature is more important then Fred's stance on the issues; Fred's height, his age, where he went to college and how many times he has been married and whether he is Catholic or not are much more important than his stance on abortion, gun control, taxes and the death penalty.

Here is what I have found

Fred was born in Sheffield, Alabama on August 19th 1942. That would make him 64. When Fred Thompson puts his hand on the bible during the inauguration, he will be 3 years younger than when Ronald Reagan took office as the oldest president at the age of 69. McCain is 70 for those keeping score.

What Thompson lacks in experience vis-a-vis Reagan, he makes up in height. Fred Thompson is 6' 6" or 5 inches taller than Reagan. And a full 11 inches taller than McCain and 12 inches taller than Hillary Clinton.

Thompson has been married the same amount of times as Reagan. He is currently married to Jeri Kehn married June 2002 and they have one daughter. He was married to Sarah Lindsey from 1959 to 1985 and they had two boys and a daughter together. They divorced. He has five grandchildren.

He is not Catholic. The 106th Congressional Record has Church of Christ (Stone Campbell) listed as his church affiliation. On the Issues lists him as Protestant since 2002. That was the year he was remarried.

Senator Thompson went to Memphis State University in 1964 and Vanderbilt University in 1967.

Fred Thompson worked as a shoe salesman. Jack Reagan, Ronald's Dad, was a shoe salesman. Fred's dad was a used car salesman. Which makes both dads more noble than 95% of the politicians in Washington.


Conservative Dad's Dad said...

Laura Ingram is really starting to sound more and more favorable toward Fred. And so is her audience. Yesterday, 83% of her email responders were favorable to Fred's running for President. Laura could be helpful in getting momentum for Fred's run.

As to the our candidates, Mitt Romney seems to be starting to make an impression. A friend told me that he came off well on Hannity and Combs last night. Hugh Hewitt, Conservative talk show host on radio, has written a book on Romney that Hannity, and Bill Bennett in the morning, seemed to receive very well. Neither Hannity nor Bennett were at all bothered by Romney's religion. Hewitt, who has spent a lot of time with Romney, is convinced that Romney's Mormon religion would have absolutely no influence on Romney's Presidential decisions.

I expect Hewitt's book (Sorry I didn't get the name.) to get Romney a better look. So look out Fred!

Daniel in Brookline said...

An important comparison with Reagan, and others, is this: Americans don't seem to like electing a President with legislative experience; they prefer one with executive experience. In the past several election cycles, when a legislator (e.g. Senator, Representative) ran against an executive (e.g. Governor, sitting President), the executive generally won.

To find an exception to this, I think you have to go back to 1960, when Senator John F. Kennedy beat Vice-President Richard M. Nixon... and that by only a whisker.

This doesn't speak well for Hillary Clinton. But it doesn't speak well for Fred Thompson either. (And it does speak well for the chances of both Giuliani and Romney.)

Daniel in Brookline

ptg said...

To complete your Google based research, you might try Google Image Search to find a picture of Fred's wife, Jeri Kehn. Here is how it worked for me.

Conservative Dad said...

Dirty tricks will always be apart of politics. If I recall correctly from the book Founding Brothers - Jefferson used some dirty tricks to disparage his hated opponent.

When Fred finally announces his wife will be by his side and the world will see what she really looks like.