Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Conservative Kids are Scared of Hillary not Chinese

Let me preface this by saying that I am an engineer turned marketer, I am not an economist.

Recently Hillary raised a red flag about the amount of American debt being held by foreign countries, namely China and Japan. The opportunistic timing of the announcement was the day after Greenspan burped, China hiccuped and the Dow Jones Stock Exchange Index took a 400 point header.

Most financial experts would agree that this was a healthy correction after a long long upward run. Not the Yale grad opportunist, she blamed Bush and trade deficits.

She seems to think that we will be held hostage by China. Perhaps I do not understand, and if I am wrong please enlighten me, but China is buying American debt so essentially they are investing in our country. Therefore they would have a vested interest in our prosperity. Plus That means, we have their money. Right? So who has the power?

Again, I am not an economist, but I do not see the risk that the women with forked tongue sees.

Conservative kids: Chinese military might, the over population of Chinese males vis-a-vis Chinese women and the old line Chinese Communists party scare me a little. The Chinese investing in the US actually alleviates some anxiety. One can only hope that the Chinese population continues to enjoy the fruits of economic prosperity and the old line Chinese government does not get threatened by a population hungry for increased prosperity instead of food. Seriously, what scares me more is a Hillary presidency where she sells the Lincoln bedroom for cash and gives out military secrets like the Wok and Roll restaurant gives out fortune cookies or extra packets of duck sauce.

I will look for economists opinions on this subject and let you know if I am right on or if I am going to have to take a refresher course in economics.

Be careful Hillary. You already lost money from your Jewish friends in Hollywood to Obama. Don't bite the other hand that feeds you.

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Conserative Dad's Dad said...

Being a tainted economist, that is a Liberal Arts major who managed to stuff 46 credits in business and ecomonics into my schedule, I can give you some assurances that your thinking is pretty much accurate and Hillary's is off-base. She is not that dumb; I am sure that she knows that she is lying so she can take advantage of the stock market decline for a good sound bite and photo op.

The Chinese don't own anything tangible in America as a result of their buying U. S. Treasury Bonds.
They own paper. We have their money and they have our promise to pay them back. Of course, we back our bonds with "the full faith and credit" of the United States goverment, a promise that we have always kept. But, I suppose Hillary could try to make a case that the Chinese could try to get us to give them our eastern seaboard if we could not repay them.

I could then make the case that we could go the way of Argentina and say, "Sorry boys, we just decided that it is not in our national interest to pay you. So sue us." Or we could use one of their more creative measures and announce that we are devaluing our dollar by half and then pay them off. Of course, this is crazy but so is Hillary's sound bite.