Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bill Gates Says Conservative Kids Should Study Math.

Bill Gates testified on capital hill today. He is concerned with the limit of 65,000 visas for highly skilled immigrants. Gates said. “America will find it infinitely more difficult to maintain its technological leadership if it shuts out the very people who are most able to help us compete.”

Federal Law provides 65,000 H1-B visas for scientists, engineers, computer programmers and other professionals every year. Many from India and China. Employers say that it is not enough.

Gates has been unable to fill 3,000 jobs at Microsoft because of this limitation. That is 3,000 high paying tax generating jobs.

But the bigger issue that Gates brought up is the current state of American Schools. A federal study showed that 1/3 of the kids fail to take
a standard-level curriculum, which is defined as including (at least 4 credits of English and 3 credits each of social studies, math and science). On a national science test, about 50% of 12th-graders failed to show basic skills.

Gates also called on lawmakers to give more resources to improving the teaching of math and science.

Sen. Edward Kennedy D-Mass., chairman of the Committee on Health (that's laughable isn't), Education, Labor and Pensions, said the issue would be addressed when Congress takes up BROAD immigration reform legislation this session.

When pressed to specify his comments - Sen Kennedy raised his gin and tonic and vowed to eliminate the visa caps for all broads. Saying, "You can never have enough good looking broads!" When his aide told him that Gates wants highly skilled programmers, Kennedy said, "We all have our
fetishes" as he burped and reached for a bag of pork rinds.

Conservative Kids would be well served to study math and science. And not take health advice from a slurring fat cat.


Tom said...

Of course, India and China churn out thousands of programmers a year that work for a fraction of what American programmers would work for.

Although Gates does have a point - our schools do not stress math & science - a by-product of the "feel good" system of high self-esteem.

And to expect Teddy or any of his ilk to do anything with improving education only has to look at their track record of education funding with results...

A Voice of Reason said...

The other factor about India and China is their population is FOUR times that of the US.

As these two countries accelerate their education programs they will have major impacts on world markets and upon leadership in development of new industry.

Funny stuff about Sen. Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

You make a stong case of why we need to really get to work on our overall immigration policy not just spending time and energy, with little results, on our southern border problems?

I loved the Kennedy stuff also.